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Maternity Session / Veronique R. Photography / Southern NH

Back two weeks ago, I had the privileged to photograph this amazing family. In just a few days I'll be able to meet baby Greyson for his "fresh 24" session and I'm super thrilled!!

Are you looking to book a maternity session?! Here's some quick information about our maternity sessions!

Step 1: Booking

Your maternity session should be booked between 28 weeks and 32 weeks.

So I already hear you say, "why should you book before 32 weeks?", well A. because baby could absolutely come any moments after that! It is less likely that baby will come before 36 weeks but what if he or she did? then you'd miss out on these pregnancy memories right?!. So before 32 weeks is the way to go! :) and B. most of the time, moms are uncomfortable in the last few weeks...listen... I've been there! Twice! I know what it feels like to have swollen feet, not being able to fit in my clothing and feeling frustrated.

So to sum it all, your session should be booked between 28 and 32 weeks ;) But reach out anyways if you are past 32 weeks and realise you want pictures, we'll do everything we can to make sure you do!

This beautiful mom is 35 weeks pregnant in these images and she is absolutely rocking that Sew Trendy Gown!


Step 2: Time & Location

All my sessions are scheduled 2hrs before sunset. This is when the light is at its absolute best!

As far as location, well that all depends on the time of the year! From there, I suggest 2 locations to choose from and I let you decide!

If you have a location of your own, we can absolutely work with that too! I love seeing new places and most of the time, that location means something to you!

The whole idea behind your family pictures is to capture YOUR memories so I'm all for new locations!


Step 3: Outfits

Here's the main comment I get from every session: "I don't know what to wear"... It shouldn't be so complicated but it really is!!!

Here's a little story from my family session last weekend (we were 14 people)! As a photographer, I knew the basics: don't add to much patterns, stay in the same color shem etc etc etc. but 14 PEOPLE! that was hard! We searched Pinterest (Yay for Pinterest!) and started with an idea. Then we told everyone to stay in that color pallet which worked out perfectly! I mostly shop for my kids at Target (they have adorable girl dresses!), Old Navy (which is my daughters favorite store and they have really good deals) Walmart (this store has very cute boy outfits!) but my absolute favorite is H&M (the only downside to that is the fact that I need to shop online since there isn't a store I can just drive to but I buy multiple sizes and return what I don't need, FYI, they have a fee for all returns).

As far as this little cutie below, her grand mother actually found this dress at TJ Max (It was perfect!).

When I first started maternity photos, I would help moms pick out their outfits along with her little ones and husband but I always felt like I was missing something. I want every mom to feel beautiful (cause they absolutely all are!) and I wanted them to not feel so discouraged about finding something that fits.

Last year, I came across a company that specializes in Maternity gowns and I immediately fell in love! Since then, I've purchased gowns for moms to wear during their session. I'm telling you! I've had moms tell me they are like super comfy PJ's hahaha! That comment right there though made me love these dresses even more. You should feel beautiful and comfortable! So with that said! Every Maternity session includes a gown fitting between 1 week to 2 weeks before the session. You get to play dress up and see what you like and dislike ;)

This post is featuring 2 of our gowns but we have many more to choose from!

Family session and Maternity Session are my absolute favorite! I love capturing the images that you'll cherish for a lifetime of memories. I love to hear that even after 5 yrs, these images are still up on the wall. I get all emotional knowing that I got the be part of this day!

Isn't this mom absolutely glowing in these gowns?!!


We have 2 new gowns arriving in just 2 weeks! We are looking for a pregnant mom to photograph these so message us if your between 26 and 30 weeks!!

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If you wish to book your own Family or maternity session,

here's the link to contact us! Click Here


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