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Well Hello There!

If you don't already know, I'm Veronique. Your photographer but also you makeup bestie! Over the past 2 years I've helped women just like you get comfortable with their every day makeup routine. Helping them cover acne, dark under eyes, or simply understanding the basics of foundation and contour. I've personally color matched over 200 ladies and I'd love to help you as well!

There are so many reasons why I love these products but you wouldn't truly understand until you try it for yourself. 

When you'll get your products, I will guide you, educate you and share some tips to help you. No need to be intimidated by makeup anymore, I will work one on one with you. 

Ready to try?! 

Step 1: Get a Color Match (It's super simple, this will help me find your exact foundation shade! No more guessing in the walmart isle!). 

Step 2: Receive your color match from me within 24hrs

Step 3: Review your color match and ask questions!

Step 4: Placing your order! 

Step 5: Receiving your order! Yay!!

Step 6: I will send you a video to set up your compact and connect with you for a one on one call if needed!

Step 7: My work doesn't end here. You get my personal cell to text me whenever you need help with something!


I'm excited to help you with loving your 5 minute makeup routine!


Talk soon!


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