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From Hockey to family pictures

I actually love the post from this mom's Facebook post this morning "from family photos to hockey.." I switch it around and I'm calling this "From hockey to family photos" :)

I first Met Paul and Gabby last year when I first got involved in the Youth Hockey Organization my father had just purchased. I felt I had known Gabby my hole life, she is such a sweet mom and little miss Cammy here was just a little baby so of corse I had to peek at her in that big stroller of hers hahaha!

Gabby had been sharing her desire of this family session for a little while now and we finally got our schedule (my wedding season schedule and their hockey schedule) to work!! and I am so glad we did, I mean this morning was such a perfect weather to grab some early fall pictures!

Thank you for trusting me! I can't wait to see you guys again soon!!

** If you wish to book your own family session, please email me at

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