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Hey Gorgeous! 

Let me tell you a little bit about my makeup journey. I started wearing makeup around the age of 12. Nothing too crazy you know! Some Mascara and some blush and I'd try mom's lip stick and blue eyeliner when she wasn't home hahaha.


In High School, I wanted to try foundation so I went to Walmart, grabbed what I thought was my shade...(Oh god, just the thought of it is embarrassing!). I spent so much money trying to figure it out on my own . If a shade didn't work for me, I'd toss it an try a different one.... I never had anyone to show or teach me differently and I bet that so many women in this world went through the same thing I did. Can I also say how frustrating it was?! Fast forward to a my late 20's. I finally stepped foot in a Sephora... Super intimidating right?! I slowly walked to a specialist and reluctantly asked if she could help me. I felt like it was wrong of me to ask for help. Isn't that weird? She color matched me to a MAC liquid foundation. The color was great FOR WINTER... in the summer, I looked sick as a dog... I had just spent $40 on a small tube that only lasted me 3 months and made my skin even more dry then it already was. It was the year of my 30th birthday, I had ENOUGH. I stopped wearing makeup, stopped spending my money on makeup. It had became almost a chore. I dreaded putting it on in the morning. 

That same year, I fell on a product that I honestly didn't trust at first. I thought it was too easy and beautiful to be true... I know, it sounds cliché but that's honestly how I felt. I even hesitated before trying it.


Well LET ME TELL YOU! This was finally what I had been looking for and it came with my own personal makeup consultant! This makeup literally changed everything about my morning routine, how I felt, how it looked and people complimented it. I was over the moon!

So I decided that I wanted to help other ladies that are going through the same exact thing I did. If you are still grabbing that awful liquid foundation from High School, if you are sick of spending all your money at Walmart. Let me help!

I offer one on one classes where I'll teach you everything you need to make YOUR morning routine a breeze! 

My classes also includes your own personalize makeup compact with products that are safe and will last you anywhere between 4 to 6 months (your blush could last you up to 12 months!). 

This class and this makeup is completely personalized to you! I can't wait to share all the tips and tricks I've learned with you. 

MAKEUP CLASS  - starting at $160.00/ person

My classes include the following:

- 1 No. 4 collection (1- brush, 1-contour, 1-foundation, 1-concealer & 1-blush/lip color)

- 1hr makeup class with me (either on zoom or in person).

- Continuous help through Facebook and Instagram

or, make it fun and host a party with your girls!

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