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Well first off, Thanks for coming here and reading a little about me!

I'm going to start by saying that I didn't think writing about myself would be this difficult hahaha! I mean I know myself but writing it out is harder than it seems! 


Just recently I posted on instagram 5 fun facts about me and I've had great feedback. So I've decided to make it a 20 fun facts about me :D First off because they are fun and I feel that in 20 fun fact you can actually get to know a lot about someone!

So here it goes!

1. I first started Photography in 2012. I got a nice camera and started photographing salt and pepper (yes, the one that you put on your food lol), I wanted to understand how I could get that blur background hahaha! True fact! But soon enough, I got addicted, youtube was my go to class and I learned so much on my own! Family members started asking if I could photograph them and I did. In 2014 I entered a photography contest and won! The class consisted of learning the basics, I quickly found out I was way past that with my youtube viewing lol. It didn't stop me from getting the second class which I learned a bit more. 

2. This brings me to fact #2, I'm more of a hands-on kind of person. I learned from the workshops that I did. Some of these workshops allowed my family and I to travel around United States!


3. I'm a wife and a mom :) My husband and I have been together for almost 13 years now (married twice in two different countries) and I could not imagine spending my life with anyone else but him!. Jade, our daughter, is 9. We nickname her "Princess", she is sweet, shy and well behaved. She's our little artist but she also loves to read, dance and baton twirl. Damien is 5, he's a loving & kind. He LOVES swimming (we like to think that his birthday has to do with this - April 1st), hockey and dress like a princess with his sister loll. 

4. I am bilingual, I speak both French and English. Most of the time, people don't notice but you'll definitely notice when I start searching for my words hahaha 

5. I am 1 of 11 siblings (That's not a typo lol). My parents seperated I was 4, my brother 3, they then remarried and had more kids :) 


6. The most beautiful place I've traveled would be the Bahamas in 2005 and I am eagerly waiting to go back!